Conservation Forestry Program

Conservation Forestry Program

Tree sales are now open! The ordering deadline is March 24, 2023.

LPSNRD sells tree and shrub seedlings in bulk to district landowners.  Species are sold in bundles of 25 (except if ordering packages) and, therefore, must be ordered in increments of 25.  The minimum number of seedling trees or shrubs that can be ordered is 25.

All species are $0.95 per plant for orders of 25-75 and $0.90 per plant for orders of 100 or more.  The trees you order will come directly to the LPSNRD office, in Lincoln, and will be stored in our tree cooler.  You will be notified when your order can be picked up from our office.  Orders are, typically, ready by mid-April.  Planting your seedlings as-soon-as-possible will improve their survival rate.

We accept orders from our online order form. To order by phone visit our program brochure for options.

The ordering deadline is March 24, 2023, but some species will sell out before then.  If you order a sold out species before we could modify the order form, you may opt for another species or receive a refund.

The species of trees and shrubs we offer are especially suitable for windbreaks and wildlife habitat, but they have many other uses and benefits.  At your request, the LPSNRD forester will meet with you at your planting site, free of charge, to make suggestions.
Contact the LPSNRD Forester:

Jay Seaton, 402-476-2729