Antelope Valley Project

Antelope Valley Project

The Lower Platte South NRD, partnering with the City of Lincoln and the University of Nebraska, completed the Antelope Valley Project in 2012, twenty years after planning began.  The $246 million, 600-square-block project along Antelope Creek through central Lincoln had three major components: community revitalization, transportation and flood control.  Besides creating a beautiful open waterway through the heart of Lincoln, the project removed several hundred acres and 800 homes and businesses from the floodplain.

At the heart of the project, between “O” Street and “Q” Street, is Union Plaza.  Its shining waterway (designed to characterize the Platte River), trails, linear park and nearby retail businesses combine to create an informal gathering place for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students and the general public.  Organized outdoor events are also popular there.  The flood control component of the project has shown its worth, proving the waterway can contain the runoff from a 100-year frequency storm, needing only minor cleanup.

Below are a few Antelope Valley Project attractions:

Weir Box.jpg
This labyrinth weir controls how stormwater enters the Antelope Valley Project.  The box culvert at the right end of the structure was built in the 1920s and is still utilized in the project for flood control.




GW Colossus.jpg


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