Flooding March 2019 & Podcast

Flooding March 2019 & Podcast

A year has passed since the historic flooding we had in March 2019. We all remember it. LPSNRD along with the Papio Missouri, Lower Platte North, Lower Elkhorn, and Central Platte NRDs are all in an agreement to monitor river conditions along the Lower Platte River. We are boots on the ground. Today we share with you a podcast about the events that un-folded here in our own District and partner Districts. Listen to the podcast and view some of our pictures below.






Culverts under a road near Camp Ashland created these floodwater whirlpools. Staff had seen whirlpools before that were much smaller, around 2 inches across. These were 5-6 feet across- caused by the amount of water & its speed. March 14, 2019 


Bridge Rail.jpg

The Lied Platte River Bridge near South Bend was damaged by swift water & debris. The bridge was closed soon after this video was taken and remains closed while we continue to assess damage. March 16, 2019