Whitehead Saline Wetland

Whitehead Saline Wetland

2700 Whitehead Dr
Lincoln, NE 68504

Wetlands Rules & Regulations

Whitehead Saline Wetland is a 100-acre tract of land donated by Whitehead Oil Company of Lincoln to the NRD for restoration in 1996. This rarest of land types is being returned to its natural state. Whitehead is located just south of Interstate 80 and east of 27th Street on Lincoln's northern outskirts.

There is a kiosk and access area on the West side of the property. The kiosk was one of many Eagle Scout projects completed on NRD land and it includes detailed information about the flora and fauna of the saline wetland and about its geology.

Since the initial donation of land, there have been many easements, donations and purchases added to this growing preserve of saline wetlands, but only the NRD public access area, Whitehead, is outlined on the map. Contact the NRD for information about the restoration or public access of adjoining properties.