UPDATE - Trail Closure

UPDATE - Trail Closure

May 2, 2024

The MoPac East Trail is back open!!

The section of the MoPac East Trail, located on the east side of S. 98th Street south of A Street, was previously under construction to replace a water main.

Please use caution when traveling on this section of trail as the surface is still soft due to construction and rain!

Thank you for your cooperation!


Attention Trail Users!

A section of the MoPac East Trail will be closed beginning Monday, May 6th with an estimated project timeline of 2-5 days, depending on weather, for replacement of a water main.

The closed section is located on the east side of S. 98th Street, just south of A Street and will be marked by barricades.

As an alternative during construction, consider using the trailhead in Walton.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay tuned for updates!