Salt Creek Levee

Salt Creek Levee

Emergency repairs to fourteen sites along Lincoln's Salt Creek Levee are expected to continue through most of 2020.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is funding and supervising the repairs in response to bomb cyclone flooding in March 2019.  Additionally, a planned 15-year general updating of the 13-miles of levees continues, under the Corps' SWIF program.  So much attention to Salt Creek at one time is nothing new.  Since Lancaster, NE (now Lincoln) was founded in 1859, Salt Creek has been a flooding threat.  It still is, but since the Salt Creek Levee and ten upstream flood control structures were built by the Corps in the 1960s, Salt Creek flooding in Lincoln is less frequent.

LPSNRD is the local sponsor of the federally-built Salt Creek Levee and is responsible for its operation and maintenance.  Staff trains periodically to monitor the levee during high water events.  It is important to realize the levee is not a solution to Salt Creek flooding and that flooding will still occur.

Below are early photos of the levee.