November General Election Preview

November General Election Preview

November 1, 2022

Gary Hellerich (incumbent) and Jim Schultz advanced to the November General Election ballot in the only LPSNRD subdistrict where there was a primary election on May 10th.  Both candidates will run for the Subdistrict 1 seat on the LPSNRD Board of Directors.

Primary Results:
Gary Hellerich (Incumbent), Valparaiso  2,680
Jim Schultz, Lincoln  2,043
David Kendle, Garland  703

Besides the Subdistrict 1 race, two other contested races will appear on November ballots.  None of the candidates are incumbents:

Subdistrict 3
Melissa Baker, Lincoln
Annette Thompson, Lincoln

Subdistrict 5
Greg Osborn, Lincoln
Stacie Sinclair, Lincoln

Uncontested candidates for the remaining nine seats on the Board are all incumbents:

Mark Spangler, Murray, Subdistrict 2
Kenneth Vogel, Lincoln, Subdistrict 3 (two-year term)
Larry Ruth, Walton, Subdistrict 4
Deborah Eagan, Lincoln, Subdistrict 6
Luke Peterson, Lincoln, Subdistrict 7
Tom Green, Lincoln, Subdistrict 8
Robert C. Andersen, Lincoln, Subdistrict 9
Susan Seacrest, Lincoln, Subdistrict 10
David M. Landis, Lincoln, At Large

A map of LPSNRD Subdistricts can be found HERE.

Directors serve four-year terms, with ten or eleven of the 21 Board seats elected every two years.  Learn More