LPSNRD 50th Anniversary

LPSNRD 50th Anniversary

Nebraska's 23 NRDs are celebrating 50 years of locally managing the state's natural resources. All NRDs have the same responsibilities under state statute, but their programs and projects are customized by a locally elected board to meet local needs. The Lower Platte South NRD is planning several public celebrations of its success, in 2022, and you can keep up with the fun by checking back here often.

Nebraska's natural resources districts (NRDs) were formed in 1972, when the Unicameral passed LB 1357 and Governor Norbert Tiemann signed Nebraska's NRDs into existence. NRDs are organized along watershed boundaries instead of political boundaries to ensure local protection and conservation of natural resources. Nebraska is the only state in the U.S. with NRDs.

The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District has a history of innovation and leadership; for example, being among the first of the NRDs to utilize conservation easements as a resources protection tool, to develop and manage recreational trails, to acquire and restore wetlands, and to partner with a municipality (City of Lincoln) in stormwater quality and quantity management. The successful implementation of our programs and projects is due in large part to a commitment of cooperation and collaboration with other local, state, and federal agencies and private organizations and individuals.

LPSNRD Board of Directors

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To celebrate our 50th with us we invite you to get out and explore the NRD! Each activity is worth varying points, cross them off as you go! Once you hit 50 points, you can submit your hunt for NRD stickers and postcards. Or complete the whole hunt to be entered for other prizes and bragging rights!

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Lincoln Earth Day

April 23rd, 10 AM - 2 PM
UNL Innovation Campus
Hosted by Lincoln Earth Day

Day at the Lake

June 18, 3 PM - 7 PM
Conestoga State Rec Area
Hosted by NE Game & Parks

Outdoor Family Evening

June 23, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Wildwood Lake
Hosted by LPSNRD
News Release

See You on the Trail

Tuesday Evening, August 2nd
Nacho Ride Night
Mopac East Trail
Hosted by LPSNRD

The NRD's areas of focus in recreation, flood management, erosion control , groundwater, flood management, storm water management, environmental education, and forestry have met the needs of the communities throughout the district. We've gathered images to display how the district has changed over the last 50 years.

More Information

More Information
More Information

A Special Proclamation

The Nebraska Legislature recognized our 50th Anniversary on January 25th, with a special proclamation that includes much about our history and accomplishments.

NRD Statutes

You can learn about the laws that govern all we do by visiting our Statutes webpage.