Lincoln Saline Wetlands Nature Center

Lincoln Saline Wetlands Nature Center

570-598 W Industrial Lake Dr
Lincoln, NE 68528

Wetlands Rules & Regulations

Lincoln Saline Wetlands Nature Center (LSWNC), just east of Lincoln's Capitol Beach Lake, features a woodchip walking trail which unlocks the treasures of this dense and rare saline wetland to the public. The trail was created by the Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club in 1999, using woodchips from tree debris caused by a 1997 ice storm.

The several ponds on the wetland are frequented by a wide variety of waterfowl. The parking area is located on the south side of the wetland.

In 2004 a historic “bowstring” bridge was moved from Otoe County to LSWNC and serves as a vital part of the walking trail. Such natural beauty and tranquility so close to the heart of an urban center is rare, indeed. Owned by LPSNRD, the wetland was restored in the early 1990's.