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Lincoln Saline Wetland Nature Center When ground water rises to the surface, a wetland is created. Sometimes that water is artesian salt water and, over time, the salt from the water accumulates in the soil until only salt tollerant and dependent plants and animals can live there. That's when a saline wetland is created and Lincoln, NE is one of the very few places on earth where that happens.
Two public access saline wetlands are maintained in Lincoln by the NRD; "Lincoln Saline Wetlands Nature Center" and "Whitehead Saline Wetland". Both are successful NRD restoration projects designed to preserve rare saline wetlands and their unique ecosystems.

The NRD is a partner in the Eastern Nebraska Saline Wetlands Conservation Partnership.

The LPSNRD Board of Directors has adopted rules and regulations for public use of urban wetlands. Please report any misuse of property to the Lower Platte South NRD, 402-476-2729, to Crime Stoppers, or to the county sheriff.

Have fun and be safe!