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Lakes & Wildlife Areas

NRD Lakes Brochure
Red Cedar Lake Renovation, Low Water

Red Cedar Lake Fish Salvage

The NRD maintains and manages approximately 180 dams throughout the District. In every case the primary function is flood control. Eight of the dams have a secondary recreational function. These "public use lakes" are open year-round for fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, camping and seasonal hunting and trapping. Admission is free and no entry permit is required. Nebraska game permits are required for hunting, fishing and trapping. Each of the eight public use lakes and surrounding property has its own unique characteristics, so get to know them all.

The LPSNRD Board of Directors has adopted rules and regulations for public use of wildlife management areas. Please report any misuse of property to the Lower Platte South NRD, 402-476-2729, or to the county sheriff. Have fun and be safe!

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