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NRD Master Plan - Document expressing the NRD Board of Director's VISION for the future and shaping the NRDs direction and activities.

Long Range Implementation Plan - Summary of planned District activities and budget expectations for the current fiscal year and the subsequent four years.

Integrated Management Plan - Provides for an inventory of available ground and surface water and its uses throughout the District, projects future water needs, identifies sources and needed management programs.

Water Quality Management Plan (development stage)- The NRD has launched a district-wide effort to identify sources of nonpoint source pollution, quantify and characterize them, and identify solutions. This plan will help the NRD protect water resources and the environment. It will also help fund any recommendations.

Ground Water Management Plan (summary) - The NRD's Ground Water Management Plan is a lengthy publication containing detailed information about the district, its geology, needs related to ground water, and programs and plans the NRD has in reaction to those needs. It was approved by the State of Nebraska in 1996. A portion of the plan is linked above. It includes a table of contents for the entire plan and NRD ground water goals and strategies. To obtain a copy of the entire Ground Water Management Plan, contact the NRD.

Drought Emergency Response Plan - Drought is a natural disaster like no other. Its onset is gradual, the effects are long term and the area impacted can be very large. This plan outlines and considers the NRD's location and characteristics, demographics, economics, water management practices, and more to help the district be better prepared to respond and manage a multi-year drought.

Hazard Mitigation Plan - Details NRD and participating communities actions in the event of various natural disasters.

Emergency Action Plans - Federal regulations require the NRD keep and administer emergency action plans for certain dams in the District in case of flooding, earthquake or other similar events. We have made those plans accessible here for use by the NRD staff. The plans are password-protected, since they contain personal contact information.

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