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Projects Completed


Antelope Valley Project
Most completed NRD projects fall under one of the categories listed below:

Bank Stabilization - (over 12 miles of District stream banks have required stabilization using rip rap, gabions, concrete liners or bio-engineering methods) Projects have been completed in Lincoln, Plattsmouth, Hickman, Ashland and other areas of the NRD.

Salt Creek Levee Project - (13.5 miles of levee along Salt Creek in Lincoln) The NRD is now the local sponsor (operates and maintains) of this US Army Corps of Engineers project.

Flood Control Watershed Project Dams - (124 dams) Includes building dams that reduce flood damage providing flood storage and/or grade stabilization benefits. Partners on several watershed projects have included UDSA/NRCS (Upper Salt, Oak-Middle, North Oak & Plattsmouth also with the City of Plattsmouth) and the State, including DNR & NRC/NRDF (Weeping Water & Stevens Creek).

Antelope Valley Flood Control Project - Includes a new, wide, vegetated water conveyance channel which will contain and convey the Antelope Creek 100-year flood flows. The NRD is the local sponsor (operates & maintains) of this US Army Corps of Engineers project. Partners also include the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and City of Lincoln, with additional funding assistance from the the State through DNR & NRC/NRDF. Learn more

Flood Control Non-Watershed Project Dams - (60 dams) Primarily flood control dams that replace inadequate bridges on county roads through the NRD's Road Structure Program. Partnering counties include Cass, Saunders, Seward, Butler, Lancaster and Otoe.

Stream Interventions - (25 sites) Cost sharing to stabilize streams by reducing downcutting with the installation of rock rip rap "riffle" areas to allow water to flow without causing additional erosion and bank stability problems. The NRD has partnered with the City of Lincoln on many of these projects as sites are identified in a basin master planning effort.

Trails/Conservation Corridors - (nearly 50 miles) Completed trail projects include the Mopac East, Oak Creek and Homestead recreational trails.

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