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Water Meters

Water Meter and Maintenance Applications - This application must be accompanied by:
Citizenship Attestation Form
IRS Form W-9

All wells within the Lower Platte South NRD capable of pumping more than 50 gallons per minute must have a water meter equipped with a totalizer in place by January 30, 2011 and the landowner must annually report to the District the total amount of water pumped.  The NRD has 75% cost-sharing available toward the purchase, up to $975 per meter, per well. Complete and submit the above application. The NRD, in partnership with agencies such as the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, NRCS and others, is continually learning about the geology of the District and how groundwater behaves within that geology.  Knowing how much water is pumped by wells in the District is a valuable part of finding better ways to conserve available water.

Water Meter Maintenance

NRD cost-sharing is also available for maintaining water meters.  Maintenance work done by a certified meter distributor on any water meter in the District is eligible.  The NRD will cost-share at 75%, up to $45 per meter. Complete and submit the above application. 

The NRD is also in the process of certifying irrigated acres throughout the District. Find out more!

Contact the NRD if you have questions.