Ground Water Programs Eligibility Map
Use the map below to learn the NRD ground water cost-sharing programs for which your land is eligible:

  • Use the finder field at upper right to zoom the map to a specific address.
    You must use street address, City, State. Example: 3125 Portia Street, Lincoln, NE
    You can also zoom to an area, using street/highway names. Example: US Highway 6, Lincoln, NE
  • Double click on the map to zoom in, or use the +/- buttons at upper left to zoom in/out. Click and drag to move the map laterally. More details will appear on the map as you zoom in.
  • Note whether the land you want to improve is within a blue, red or gray shaded area or a non-shaded (white) area, then return to the Ground Water Cost-Sharing page.

Ground Water Cost-Sharing

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