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Community Water System
Protection Area Program

Community water system protection aims at keeping potential contaminants from entering the area of land around public water supply wells. Of the twenty-seven communities in the District that qualify as community water systems under state law, five are cooperators in the NRD’s CWSPA program: Cass County Rural Water District #2, Ceresco, Eagle, Elmwood and Valparaiso.

Under the program, communities contract for five or ten years to have certain tasks performed by the NRD. There are four major steps in developing a community water system protection plan:

1. Delineate the land area to be protected.
2. Identify and locate the potential contaminant sources within the protection area.
3. Assess existing programs to protect ground water for identified contaminant sources.
4. Plan for the future. Develop local zoning ordinances and informative programs to minimize the chances of future contamination.

The NRD’s CWSPA program provides extra protection against pollution of community wells. Interested community officials should contact the NRD.

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