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Certification of Irrigated Acres

Hydrologically Connected Areas (HCA) Map
Application to Certify Acres Outside the HCA
Application to Certify Acres Within the HCA

The certification of irrigated acres is a tool the NRD uses to effectively manage ground water quantity concerns. Knowing the location and number of irrigated acres and the amount of water applied to those acres helps us make management decisions that preserve and protect the water supply and protect existing water users.

Current NRD regulations require all acres to be irrigated with ground water be certified before any development of new irrigation takes place. Contact the NRD if you have questions.

Certification Outside the HCA

Application to Certify Acres Outside the HCA

The NRD is certifying irrigated acres regardless of whether the acres are located within the District's hydrologically connected area (HCA) shown on the map linked above. Certifying acres throughout the District will allow the NRD to make better management decisions involving ground water quantity.

Hydrologically Connected Area (HCA)

Application to Certify Acres Within the HCA

The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources has designated hydrologically connected areas throughout the state where ground and surface water resources are directly connected and have relatively immediate impacts on each other. In the Lower Platte South NRD the area includes about 70 sections along Salt Creek, between Lincoln and Ashland and along the south side of the Platte River from Ashland to Plattsmouth.

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