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Ground Water


Nebraska law requires each of the state's 23 NRDs to have an active and operational Ground Water Management Plan. These plans contain integrated strategies for managing the quality and quantity of the District's ground water resources. 

The NRD administers many programs and activities in response to its plan and maintains a detailed set of Ground Water Rules and Regulations.

We also have a plan to help balance the demand and supply of ground water and surface water. Our Integrated Management Plan is designed to maintain economic viability, environmental sustainability and safety within the District, both long term and short term.

A Ground Water Annual Review (6.7 MB) is issued each March for the preceeding year.

The permitting of wells is a way the NRD protects ground water and existing ground water users.  A proposed well's size and location determine the procedure a property owner needs to follow before approval of the well is considered.

The NRD also regularly measures and samples selected wells throughout the District and has the authority to respond proactively when declining ground water quality or quantity in an area reaches certain established trigger levels.  A phased process is then administered by the NRD to try and improve water quality or quantity.

All of our cost-sharing programs are custom designed to work well in this District and we're always interested in helping individual landowners or entire communities preserve and protect their supply of water.

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