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Flood Control Structure


The NRDhelps landowners build small dams/ponds on small drainages that provide grade stabilization, wildlife, water quality and recreation benefits.   Landowners that wish to build a dam/pond with a larger drainage area (over 200 acres) find out that it is often too costly.

The NRD’s Flood Control Structure Cost-share Program was created as a way to help landowners create a pond and also provide flood control benefits downstream.  The landowner would grant the NRD an easement for the purpose of constructing, operating and maintaining the flood control structure.

The terms of the Flood Control Cost-share Program are that the NRD pays for the preliminary engineering study, the landowner share is a $500 deposit.  If the site appears acceptable the NRD would then complete the engineering study.  The landowner and NRD would then decide whether to construct the dam.  Prior to construction the landowner would grant the NRD an easement to construct, operate and maintain the dam, and the NRD would acquire any additional landrights.  The NRD would then pay for the construction of the dam.

Contact the NRD about doing an initial evaluation of your proposed Flood Control Cost-share Program dam site.  You can then consider applying for the program, based on the evaluation.

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