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Farm Ponds

Brochure with Application - This application must be accompanied by:
Citizenship Attestation Form
IRS Form W-9

Farm Pond Layout
The NRD helps landowners design and construct dams for watering livestock and wildlife, flood storage, grade stabilization and recreation.

To be eligible for NRD cost-sharing, at least 75% of the area drained by the proposed dam must be in terraces or permanent vegetation and the site must drain between 30 and 320 acres.  Sites draining less than 30 acres may be suitable for a water and sediment control basin.  Dam development on sites draining more than 320 acres is probably cost-prohibitive for this program.

Get started by meeting with an NRCS technician who can help you determine eilgibility.  If eligible they can also estimate the cost of the project. Use the information compiled by the technician to complete the above application to the NRD.

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