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Environmental Education Programs

The NRD offers a variety of classroom and field programs to enhance many curriculums:

Kindergarten Native Seed Kits
These kits give kindergarteners hands-on experiences with a wide variety of seeds and they can plant their own to help them learn concepts.

First Grade Worms
First grade classrooms learn about soil, decomposition and living animals through the use of red worms. These worms live in the classroom in a bin and are available for students to observe and explore. TEACHER PACKET

Second Grade Butterflies
Raising caterpillars in your classroom allows students the opportunity to learn first-hand about life cycles and metamorphosis as the caterpillars create their chrysalis and finally emerge as butterflies. TEACHER PACKET

Second Grade Butterflies

Third Grade Trees
Students learn about and appreciate trees. This program provides free tree seedlings for each student as-well-as a resource and activity guide for teachers.

Fifth Grade earth wellness festival
The NRD is proud to co-sponsor this amazing educational event. This annual festival involves fifth graders from Lancaster County in creative, hands-on activities to increase their awareness of the environment.

Seventh Grade Earth Day Kits
These kits compliment the seventh grade Environmental Studies curriculum and help students celebrate Earth Day and focus on recycling, water conservation and some of Nebraska's threatened and endangered wildlife.

High School Environmental Studies Mini-Grant Program and Field Trips
Today, more than ever, it is important students get into the natural environment as they learn. This program helps students venture into Nebraska's ecosystems and become actively engaged in their learning.

All Grades Stewardship Week
This annual program is based on a yearly theme, engaging activity booklets and teacher guides to help students learn about our natural resources.

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