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Nature Clubs & Nature Nights

Family Nature Night The NRD believes it is vitally important to encourage students to learn about and explore nature, the environment and natural resources. To help foster this belief, the NRD has implemented Nature Clubs in several District schools.
These clubs, which meet after school, offer students time to be actively engaged in hands-on activities while learning about nature. Nature club activities include making bird feeders, dissecting owl pellets and nature scavenger hunts.

The success of the Nature Clubs has led to Family Nature Nights in those same schools. These free evening events are designed for students and their families to experience and connect with nature. All students in the school are welcome to attend and participate in activities like potting plants, making paper, trash art and they get to interact with live animals. Nature nights are a great way for a school to engage their families in learning together while increasing their knowledge of Nebraska's natural resources. Contact the NRD for more information