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The NRD helps landowners pay for improvements designed to enhance conservation of natural resources.  We call it "cost-sharing."  Each year the NRD cost-shares with about 250 landowners who make improvements to reduce soil erosion, like creating terraces on their fields, or taking measures to conserve or protect ground water. 

In order to provide NRD cost-sharing it is necessary that we work with several other government agencies and we realize, unless you work with these agencies on a regular basis, it is easy to get them confused:

LPSNRD (Lower Platte South Natural Resources District) - One of 23 local NRDs in Nebraska administering both state and local NRD cost-share programs.  The NRD Board of Directors approves and authorizes payment for these programs.  LPSNRD also provides staff that work out of the county NRCS offices.

NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) - Formerly called the Soil Conservation Service, NRCS is a part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a federal agency with an office in most counties.  NRCS provides technical assistance with installing conservation practices, such as design and layout of projects.

NDNR (Nebraska Department of Natural Resources - A state agency with an elected and appointed commission.  NDNR allocates state funds to each NRD for cost-sharing on conservation practices.  The NRD will forward some cost-share claims on to NDNR for payment.

The amount of NRD cost-sharing varies from program-to-program and occasionally the NRD Board designates "targeted areas" where the cost-sharing is even greater than the listed amount in order to encourage best management practices where they are needed most. Contact the NRD if you have questions.

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