Project Name: ________________________________________________




_______ Project Description Briefly describes the nature and purpose of the land-disturbing activity, and the area (acres) to be disturbed.


_______ Existing site conditions A description of the existing topography, vegetation and drainage.


_______ Adjacent areas A description of neighboring areas such as streams, lakes, residential areas, roads, etc., which might be affected by the land disturbance.


_______ Off-site areas Describe any off-site land disturbing activities that will occur (including borrow sites, waste or surplus areas, etc.). Will any other areas be disturbed?


_______ Soils A brief description of the soils on the site giving such information as soil name, erodibility, permeability, depth, texture and soil structure.


_______ Critical areas A description of areas on the site which have potentially serous erosion problems (steep slopes, channels, etc.).


_______ Erosion and sediment control measures A description of the methods which will be used to control erosion and sedimentation on the site. (Controls shall meet the minimum specified requirements as found in Section 6 of this manual).


_______ Permanent Stabilization A brief description, including specifications, of how the site will be stabilized after construction is completed.


______ Stormwater runoff and management Will the developed site cause an increase in peak runoff rates? Will the increase in runoff cause flooding or channel degradation downstream? Describe the strategy to control stormwater runoff.

Checklist (continued)


_______ Spill Prevention & Response Plan When developing a spill prevention & response plan, at a minimum, include the following:

        Note the locations of chemical storage areas, storm drains, tributary drainage areas, surface water bodies or or near the site, and measures to stop spills from leaving the site.

        Specify how to notify the proper athorities to request assistance

        Describe the procedures for immediate cleanup for spills and proper disposal

        Identify the personnel responsible for implementing the plan in the event of a spill





_______ Vicinity map A small map locating the site in relation to the surrounding area. Include any landmarks which might assist in locating the site.


_______ Indicate north The direction of north in relation to the site.


_______ Limits of clearing and grading Areas which are to be cleared and graded.


_______ Existing contours The existing contours of the site.


_______ Final contours Changes to the existing contours, including final drainage patterns.


_______ Existing vegetation The existing tree lines, grassed areas, or unique vegetation.


_______ Soils The boundaries of different soil types.


_______ Existing drainage patterns The dividing lines and the direction of flow for the different drainage areas. Include the size (acreage) of each drainage area.


______ Critical erosion areas Areas with potentially serous erosion problems.

_______ Site development Show all improvements such as buildings, parking lots, access roads, utility construction, etc.


_______ Location of practices The locations of erosion and sediment controls and stormwater management practices used on the site. Use the standard symbols and abbreviations as noted in Sections 5 and 6 of this manual.


______ Off-site areas Identify any off-site land disturbing activities (borrow sites, waste sites, etc.). Show location of erosion controls. (Is there sufficient information to assure adequate protection and stabilization?)





_______ Detailed drawings Enlarged, dimensioned drawings of such key features as sediment basin risers, energy dissipators, and waterway cross-sections.


_______ Specific specifications Specifications for specific items such as seeding mix and planting schedule, filter fabric size, rock gradations, etc.


_______ Construction sequencing Specifications for the sequence of construction operations describing the relationship between the implementation and maintenance of sediment controls, including permanent and temporary stabilization and the various stages or phases of earth disturbance and construction.


_______ Maintenance program A description of inspection schedules, spare materials needed, stockpile locations, instructions for sediment removal and disposal, and for repair of damaged structures should be provided. A clear statement defining maintenance responsibility should also be included.





_______ Calculations and assumptions Provide data for design storm used to size pipes, channels, sediment basins and traps. Include calculations for pre- and post-development runoff as well as any other calculations necessary to support drainage, erosion and sediment, and stormwater management systems.