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Paul Zillig- General Manager
  • Manage district operations & supervise all district employees
  • Provide guidance & assistance to board of directors
  • Coordinate programs with government & private agencies
  • Coordinate project development with staff
David Potter- Assistant General Manager
  • Assist general manager in district operations
  • Coordinate conservation cost-share programs
  • Administer Watershed Structure Rehabilitation Program
Bryan Adams- Maintenance Technician
  • Maintenance on NRD projects and properties
  • Manage Weed Control Program
  • Operate/maintain NRD equipment
  • Platte River ice monitoring
John Albert- Conservation Technician (Lancaster County NRCS Office)
  • Conservation practices survey, design and layout
  • Conservation cost-share applications, payment claims and conservation plans
  • Contact for NRD programs / inquiries
McKenzie Barry- Environmental Education Specialist
  • Facilitate and coordinate NRD Environmental Education Programs
  • Manage all District social media
  • Coordinate NRD nitrogen certification & groundwater allocation trainings
  • Earth Wellness Festival (ewf) Coordinator

Devin Biesecker - District Engineer

  • Coordinate Deadman's Run Section 205 Flood Reduction Study
  • Provide engineering support for NRD projects
  • Coordinate Salt Creek Levee Project Improvements
  • Evaluate operation of NRD projects

Katie Cameron - ENWRA Project Coordinator

  • Plan, manage and administer the Eastern Nebraska Water Resources Assessment (ENWRA)
  • Perform and coordinate technical duties
  • Provide hydro geologic consultation
Connie Damrow- Bookkeeper
  • Accounts payable
  • Assist with district finances
  • Grants management
  • Alliance financial support
Dick Ehrman- Water Resources Specialist
  • Develop and manage ground and surface water monitoring programs
  • Coordinate ground water/geologic data gathering for district
  • Assist with implenentation of Ground Water Management Plan
  • Assist with ground water programs
Connie Hansen- District Secretary (Lancaster County NRCS Office)
  • Contact for NRD programs/inquiries
  • Conservation cost-share applications/claims
  • General office duties
Kathy Hauschild- Receptionist/Secretary
  • Office receptionist
  • Coordinate office and staff schedules and NRD meetings/rooms
  • General office duties and secretarial support
Kyle Hauschild- Stormwater/Floodplain Specialist
  • Provide technical assistance for stormwater & floodplain management and erosion & sediment control
  • Coordinate NRD Urban Water Quality Program
  • Coordinate NRD Community Assistance Program
  • NRD / City of Lincoln Project Liaison
Steve Herdzina- Water Resources Conservationist
  • Develop and implement ground water monitoring activities
  • Manage ground water database & reports
  • Ground water best management practices cost-share programs
Bryce Jensen- Operation/Maintenance Technician
  • Urban channel inspection/maintenance, including Antelope Valley
  • Coordinate hiker/biker trail maintenance
  • NRD building maintenance
  • Vehicle purchase and maintenance
Ariana Kennedy- Resources Conservationist
  • Trail development, inspections and management
  • Manage and inspect buffer strip and filter strip program
  • Assist with NRD lakes and wetlands
  • Conduct conservation easement inspections
Nathan Kuhlman- IS Administrator
  • Design, implement and operate information systems architecture
  • Update and maintain network system
  • Analyze information and technology needs
  • Ensure computer networks are operational, backed-up and secure
Al Langdale- Operation/Maintenance Coordinator
  • Coordinate operation & maintenance staff
  • Salt Creek Levee Project inspections, operation & maintenance
  • Salt Creek Project (non-levee) operation & maintance
  • As-Built Project construction plan organization and archives
Mike Mascoe- Public Information Specialist
  • Produce all informational materials & NRD Newsletter
  • Coordinate media and promotional activities
  • Responsible for website design and content
  • Coordinate special events
Craig Matulka- Operation/Maintenance Technician
  • Manage weed control program
  • Perform general operation & maintenance duties
  • Conduct dam safety inspections
  • Maintain NRD Dam database
Donna Reid- District Office Secretary
  • In charge of filing systems and maintaining electronic data storage
  • In charge of putting agenda/agenda items, board and subcommittee minutes on web page
  • Purchase supplies & equipment for office
  • Provide secretarial support
Ryan Rezac- Water Resources Compliance Specialist
  • Implement compliance guidelines for Ground Water Rules and Regulations
  • Manage Certified Irrigated Acres
  • Administer Water Meter Cost-Share Program
  • Oversee 319 Water Quality Management Plan
Shaula Ross- GIS Specialist
  • Build and maintain GIS data and projects
  • Gather, analyze and integrate spatial information from various sources
  • Design and create maps
  • Troubleshoot GIS issues
Dan Schulz- Resources Coordinator
  • Coordinate implementation of Ground Water Management Plan
  • Liaison for Saline Wetland Conservation Partnership, Nebraska Forest Service, Nebraska Land Trust and Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch
  • Coordinate and manages public access properties
  • Supervise various staff and temporary employees
Jay Seaton - NRD Forester
  • Oversee NRD Conservation Tree Seedling Program
  • Coordinate NRD Community Forestry Grant Program
  • Provide technical forestry & tree planting assistance to public
  • Provide tree planting designs & plans to interested public
Kathy Spence- Administrative Assistant
  • Payroll
  • Accounting of district finances
  • Wellness program coordinator
  • Supervise clerical staff
  • Recording secretary for monthly board meetings
Cindy Spilinek- Conservation Technician (Cass County NRCS Office)
  • Conservation practices survey, design and layout
  • Conservation cost-share applications, payment claims and conservation plans
  • Contact for NRD programs/ inquiries
Adam Sutton- Environmental Education Assistant
  • Assist in education presentations, programs & field trips
  • Assist with Family Nature Nights and afterschool clubs
  • Coorindate Test Your Well Nights
  • Manage Resource Lending Library & Classroom Kits
Ed Ubben- Projects Coordinator
  • Assist with the planning, design, landrights, contract preparation, construction and maintenance of district's projects
  • Supervise Stormwater/Floodplain Specialist and Operation & Maintenance staff
  • Develop & promote urban stormwater programs
  • Coordinate construction of flood control dams, channel restorations and flood reduction projects
Jean Ulrich- District Secretary (Cass County NRCS Office)
  • Contact for NRD programs/inquiries
  • Conservation cost-share applications/claims
  • General office duties
Chris Witthuhn - Water Resources Technician
  • Groundwater monitoring, sampling and water levels
  • Well permits
  • Chemigation permits
  • Well decommissioning cost-share
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