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NRD Staff

Paul Zillig- General Manager pzillig@lpsnrd.org
  • Manages district operations & supervises all district employees
  • Provides guidance & assistance to board of directors
  • Coordinates programs with government & private agencies
  • Antelope Valley flood control project
David Potter- Assistant General Manager dpotter@lpsnrd.org
  • Assists general manager in district operations
  • Coordinates conservation cost-share programs
  • 319 program coordinator
  • Supervises NRCS staff
John Albert- Conservation Technician (Lancaster County NRCS Office) john.albert@ne.nacdnet.net
  • Conservation practice design and layout
  • Contact for NRD programs / inquiries
McKenzie Barry- Environmental Education Specialist mbarry@lpsnrd.org
  • Conducts school programs and educational events
  • Maintains resource library
  • Oversees outdoor classroom grant program
Katie Cameron - ENWRA Project Coordinator kcameron_enwra@lpsnrd.org
  • Plans, manages and administers the Eastern Nebraska Water Resources Assessment (ENWRA)
  • Performs and coordinates technical duties
  • Provides hydro geologic consultation
Connie Damrow- Bookkeeper cdamrow@lpsnrd.org
  • Accounts payable
  • Assists with District Finances
Dick Ehrman- Water Resources Specialist dehrman@lpsnrd.org
  • Develops and manages surface and ground water monitoring activities
  • Assists with implementation of ground water plan
  • Assists with ground water programs
Kasey Ferris- Receptionist/Program Assistant kferris@lpsnrd.org
  • Office receptionist, coordinates schedules and NRD meeting rooms
  • General office duties and secretarial support
  • Administration of NSWCP conservation cost-share programs
Connie Hansen- District Secretary (Lancaster County NRCS Office) connie.hansen@ne.nacdnet.net
  • Contact for NRD programs / inquiries
  • Conservation cost-share applications / claims
  • General office duties
Kyle Hauschild- Stormwater/Floodplain Specialist khauschild@lpsnrd.org
  • Provides assistance for erosion and sediment control on construction sites
  • Floodplain administration
  • Administers cost-share programs for stormwater
Jeff Hegy- Operation and Maintenance Coordinator jhegy@lpsnrd.org
  • Coordinates operation & maintenance staff and projects
  • Oversees Department of Corrections work crew
  • Manages dam safety inspections
Steve Herdzina- Water Resources Conservationist sherdzina@lpsnrd.org
  • Assists with ground water programs, well decommissioning
  • Manages ground water database & reports
  • Ground water best management practices cost-share programs
Bryce Jensen- Maintenance Technician bryce@lpsnrd.org
  • Maintenance on NRD projects and properties
  • Assists in weed control on District projects
Ariana Kennedy- Resources Conservationist ariana.kennedy@lpsnrd.org
  • Manages wildlife & buffer strip programs
  • Oversees public land maintenance
Nathan Kuhlman- IS Administrator nkuhlman@lpsnrd.org
  • Designs, implements and operates information systems architecture
  • Updates and maintains network system
  • Analyzes information and technology needs
Al Langdale- Operation/Maintenance Technician alangdale@lpsnrd.org
  • Performs general operation, maintenance & repair work
  • Maintains equipment and operation supplies
  • Manages weed control program
Mike Mascoe- Public Information Specialist mmascoe@lpsnrd.org
  • Media & promotions coordinator
  • Produces all informational materials
  • Newsletter (Streamlines) editor
Craig Matulka- Operation/Maintenance Technician cmatulka@lpsnrd.org
  • Manages weed control program
  • Performs general operation & maintenance duties
  • Conducts dam safety inspections
Donna Reid- District Office Secretary dreid@lpsnrd.org
  • In charge of outgoing mail, filing systems, and document record keeping
  • Purchases supplies & equipment for office
  • Provides secretarial support
Ryan Rezac- Water Resources Compliance Specialist rrezac@lpsnrd.org
  • Water sampling at Conestoga and other Salt Valley Lakes
  • Implements compliance guidelines for ground water rules and regulations
  • Water meter cost-share programs
Shaula Ross- GIS Specialist sross@lpsnrd.org
  • Designs GIS database
  • Creates digital maps
Dan Schulz- Resources Coordinator dschulz@lpsnrd.org
  • Oversees tree planting activities
  • Coordinates & manages public access properties
  • Coordinates implementation of ground water management plan
  • Supervises water staff
Jay Seaton - NRD Forester jseaton.forester@lpsnrd.org
  • Oversees NRD spring tree planting program on private lands
  • Oversees Community Forestry Program
Meghan Sittler - Coordinator, Lower Platte River Corridor Alliance msittler@lpsnrd.org
  • Provides administrative support for the Alliance
  • Outreach to stakeholders in the corridor
  • Coordinates shared interests in Platte River between 3 NRDs and 8 state agencies
Kathy Spence- Administrative Assistant kspence@lpsnrd.org
  • Payroll
  • Accounting of district finances
  • Wellness program coordinator
  • Supervises clerical staff
  • Recording secretary for monthly board meetings
Cindy Spilinek- Conservation Technician (Cass County NRCS Office) cindy.spilinek@ne.nacdnet.net
  • Conservation practice design and layout
  • Contact for NRD programs / inquiries
Adam Sutton- Environmental Education Assistant asutton@lpsnrd.org
  • Assist in education presentations
  • Assist in education programs/workshops
Ed Ubben- Projects Coordinator eubben@lpsnrd.org
  • Oversees project planning & construction
  • Develops & promotes urban stormwater management, erosion & sediment control efforts
  • Supervises operation and maintenance staff
Jean Ulrich- District Secretary (Cass County NRCS Office) jean.ulrich@ne.nacdnet.net
  • Contact for NRD programs / inquiries
  • Conservation cost-share applications / claims
  • General office duties
Chris Witthuhn - Water Resources Technician cwitthuhn@lpsnrd.org
  • Well permits
  • Chemigation permits
  • Assists with monitoring programs, well decommissioning