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Board of Directors


  • 21 directors
  • Meets on the third Wednesday of each month
  • Directors serve four year terms, with half of the Board seats up for election every two years
  • Two directors are elected from each subdistrict (see maps below) and one director is elected at large
  • Board members must be a resident of their subdistrict
  • A primary election is only held in a subdistrict if there are more than two candidates.
  • A Board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected by the Board annually from among the Directors
  • The District operates with a number of standing and special subcommittees composed of 6-9 directors

Proposals for Board action are:

1. Taken before an appropriate subcommittee for examination.
2. Subcommittee makes a recommendation to the Board.
3. The Board votes to adopt, amend or reject the proposal.

At the discretion of the Board, citizen advisory committees may also be formed to assist the Board in dealing with specific projects or activities. Members are appointed and represent a group of people or businesses with particular interests in the project or activity.



NRD subdistrict boundaries are shown below. Click the maps for a larger view. Boundaries typically change every ten years to reflect census figures. Boundaries last changed in 2011. Subdistrict boundaries follow voting precinct boundaries. If these maps do not make it clear what subdistrict you live in, you may view a listing of all ten NRD subdistricts and the voting precincts they include by clicking here. You may also contact the NRD and provide section/township/range if you have a rural address, or your street address if you live in town.

NRD Subdistricts

NRD Board

Don Jacobson- Subdistrict 1
David Potter- Subdistrict 1
Marsha Babcock- Subdistrict 2
Roger Gaebel- Subdistrict 2
Larry Swanson- Subdistrict 3
Ronald Case- Subdistrict 3
Phyllis Hergenrader- Subdistrict 4
Dean Petersen- Subdistrict 4
Greg Osborn - Subdistrict 5
Steven Larrick- Subdistrict 5

Doug Samuelson- Subdistrict 6
Elaine Hammer- Subdistrict 6
Russell Barger- Subdistrict 7
Richard Bolte- Subdistrict 7
Larry Hall- Subdistrict 8
Ron Svoboda- Subdistrict 8
Larry Zimmerman- Subdistrict 9
Bob Andersen- Subdistrict 9
Ken Reitan- Subdistrict 10
Karen Amen- Subdistrict 10
David Landis- At Large

Lincoln Subdistricts